About me

Alex Huggan is a highly accomplished live music, tour and festival photographer – producing modern iconic images for bands, artists, publications, and rights owners.

Along Alex’s journey he has photographed album covers, promotional and media images for many bands & artists, including the music legends STING, Joe Perry, and the late Tom Petty. Most recently Alex photographed some artwork for Joe Perry’s latest album cover SWEETZERLAND MANIFESTO produced by Johnny Depp. However, Alex excels in his live music work, covering band portraits and performances from stage.

Alex’s work is published regularly by music magazines and online blogs, including being featured in Rolling Stone MagazineL.A. Weekly, the BBC’s website, The Huffington Post, CBS News Los Angeles, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, to name a few… Alex’s has also photographed country singer Kasey Lansdale’s most recent album cover ‘Leave Her Wild’ produced by John Carter Cash (son of Johnny Cash and June Carter) and Alex was also one of the last photographers to capture the late Tom Petty in the weeks prior to his passing.

Alex is proud to be the official photographer at West Hollywood’s famous music hotspot Sunset Marquis for their Live@Sunset music series and Alex is represented by the exclusive fine art photography gallery Morrison Hotel Gallery (Los Angeles, New York, & Maui).