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The languages only differ in their grammar, their pronunciation and their most common words.

The Wild Feathers perform live at Sunset Marquis’s summer concert series – Live@SunsetMarquis and shut down Bar 1200

“Nothing feels better than being free,” sing the Wild Feathers in “Wildfire,” a new song that perfectly sums up the Nashville country-rock band’s wandering spirit. Fleshed out by pristine harmonies and slippery guitar leads, the track is their road diary, their mantra and their call to arms.

Artist Kat Meoz and music photographer Alex Huggan feature in Visit The USA documentary at Sunset Marquis, West Hollywood

Singer songwriter Kat Meoz and Music Photographer Alex Huggan feature in a music documentary by Visit The USA. Out Jan 2018. 

Madeline Rosene shoots with Alex Huggan

Madeline Rosene’s love of music stems from her mother, jazz vocalist, Barbara Rosene known for touring with the Harry James Orchestra, and from her brother who patiently taught her how to play the guitar in the fifth grade. Both her mother and brother inspired her to pursue music.She wrote her first song in the 7th grade. The song was entitled “Scattered Dreams.” Soon after, she and her brother formed a rock band. Madeline derives inspiration from her friends, family, and situations. […]

Jaclyn Kenyon performs live at Sunset Marquis’s summer concert series – Live@SunsetMarquis

Jaclyn Kenyon is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Hamilton Ontario Canada and now a transplant in Nashville TN. She has been performing professionally since the age of 12 when she first received National media attention when chosen as the youngest performer ever in Canada’s all-female artist showcase “Honey Jam”, competing against artists twice her age. This prestigious showcase is the largest in Canada and sponsored by Warner Chappell Music, it is best known to have launched the careers of Nelly Furtado and […]

Rob Weiss (Entourage/Ballers) at Sunset Marques shooting for One World One Ocean Charity

Weiss attended Woodmere Academy with Doug Ellin, creator of the HBO series Entourage, and wrote for the show. He wrote (or co-wrote) episodes including “Aquamansion”, “The Bat Mitzvah” and “The Sundance Kids”. In an August 2007 New York Observer interview with Ellin, he confirms that Weiss was the basis for the character of Billy Walsh, a perfectionist filmmaker who was a recurring character on the series. Ellin even asked Weiss if he’d play Walsh, but Weiss declined. Instead, the role went to Rhys Coiro, to whom Weiss bears […]