Alex Huggan fine art prints on permanent display at Bar 1200, Los Angeles

I am so happy to announce that two of my fine art prints have been exhibited in the famous Bar 1200, at Sunset Marquis. A black & white limited edition print of Tom Petty, and a limited edition print of The Wild Feathers, who actually performed at Bar 1200 back in the summer of 2018. Both available to purchase at Morrison Hotel Gallery directly across the lobby.

Alex Huggan Fine Art Print of Tom Petty on display at Bar 1200, West Hollywood, Los Angeles (pic by Logan Steppert)

“To have my images featured alongside some of the photographers whose images I grew up admiring is a dream. I am thankful to Tony & Terry and all the staff at Bar 1200 for supporting me!” 

As Lesley Jacobs Solmonson describes for LA Weekly, “The Sunset Marquis & Bar 1200 have stories to tell. Since it opened in 1963, it’s been home to recluses, rebels and rockers, who have been drawn by its secluded location on Alta Loma Drive, a cut-off cul-de-sac that is a quick hop to the Sunset Strip. If you could be a fly on the wall in this hotel, the nook you’d likely choose would be Bar 1200, where Hollywood glitterati have gone for decades to drown their sorrows and celebrate their wins.

Alex Huggan Fine Art Print of Tom Petty amongst other amazing rock n’ roll photography on display at Bar 1200, West Hollywood, Los Angeles (pic by Logan Steppert).

In its previous incarnation in the ’90s, Bar 1200 was the Whiskey Bar and it was home to more supermodels, rock stars and celebrities than TMZ could count. Back then, things were a little rowdy, to say the least;”

It starts at an intimate corner table, over perfectly-mixed cocktails enjoyed in good company, with the right soundtrack and ambiance. There are stories about Bar 1200 we can never tell–you’ll just have to order a drink and create your own.

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